Siemens Datakey and Datakey Reader
RS-232 & Multi-Mode Fiber Communications
P1A06027 P001 with 2MB Storage

The Fiber Optic port consists of two fiber optic receivers, logically connected to the NEMA Port 3. Data received  on either fiber optic receiver is sent to the controller, as well as the other fiber optic transmitter. The Fiber Optic acts as a repeater, receiving controller data, plus boosting and retransmitting the signal to the next controller. If received message is destined for this controller, the controller reply is transmitted simul- taneously on both fiber optic transmitters.

simens-data-ketThe Datakey is used by the EPAC m50 series software to hold the intersection data. Once the intersection data is entered through the front panel key  pad, or by download, the intersection data can then be transferred to the Datakey. The Datakey may then be inserted in the EPAC M50 series contoller indefinitely while the intersection is being controlled. If the controller is knocked down, the Datakey can then be removed    from the damaged controller and inserted into the replacement controller to transfer the intersection data.

Datakey is not used to hold the EPAC intersection control software. Intersection control software may be reloaded via laptop, PC or PDA via RS-232 connector or via Ethernet.

Download full data sheet for Siemens Data Key & Data Reader