Siemens m60 Series ATC
Siemens controller line for use in NEMA style cabinets



The Siemens m60 series ATC complies with the industry’s latest Advanced Traffic Controller (ATC) standard 5.2b. Built on the proven m50 hardware architecture, combined with powerful industry-leading SEPAC software, the Linux-based m60 series ATC provides a host of functions to meet the   needs of traffic agencies of all sizes. The m60 series ATC provides multiple Ethernet, USB and other industry-specific interfaces, facilitating both backwards and forwards compatibility. The m60 series ATC  also enables easy hosting of third-party applications. In addition, the m60 series ATC exceeds industry standards by providing usability features that include the new Siemens Multiview Display concept (SMD) with real-time active status, context-sensitive HELP screens and user-programmable favorite buttons. The m60 series ATC is truly a nerve center for the connected intersection of the future.


The Siemens m60 series ATC provides a vast array of benefits compared with other  similar products in  the  industry.
At the heart of the m60 series ATC is the Siemens Multiview Display (SMD) concept. The SMD provides the user with multiple time-saving mechanisms to operate and program traffic controllers. For ease of  operation, the 16 line display   is split into an active programming view at the top and a dynamically updated active status view – or the context- sensitive HELP – at the bottom. This dual view enables users  to dynamically visualize the impact of their programming changes on  the  overall efficiency of  the  intersection.

In addition, the ability to program customized function buttons to a specific menu item ensures quick navigation, making the operation of an m60 series ATC fast and efficient.

Having built upon the proven Siemens m50 hardware platform, the m60 series ATC offers a range of possibilities to address financial and technological constraints faced by traffic agencies.


  • ATC standard 2b compliant
  • 5 1/8-inch active TFT backlit LCD display with Siemens Multiview Display technology
    • Easily removable  display and keypad
    • Easily identifiable discrete HELP button
    • Real-time context sensitive HELP screens
    • User programmable  function buttons
  • Modular Communications hub
    • ENET1 and ENET2 network switches
    • 4 10/100 TCP/IP ports
    • 4 USB 0 ports
    • Datakey
    • SP8 port for GPS
  • Convenient field upgrade packages
    • Linux upgrade package
    • m50 USB package
    • m60 ATC upgrade package

Central Processor Unit (CPU)

  • Open architecture platform with standard Linux operating system
  • MPC 8270 266MHz processor
  • 512MB FLASH, 64MB DRAM and 1MB SRAM
  • TOD Clock with automatic daylight savings time adjustment
  • Power supply will power the SRAM during power   failures

Keyboard and Display

  • Siemens Multiview Display with duel view screens
  • Removable light-emitting diode backlit LCD Display with 16 lines of 40 characters with adjustable contrast setting
  • Emulation of terminal per Joint NEMA/AASHTO/ITE  Standard
  • Key quantity and function per Joint NEMA/AASHTO/ITE Standard

Communications Module

  • 10 Base-T Ethernet with built-in switch and 5 front panel RJ-45 connectors
  • 4 USB 0 Ports and a Datakey Port
  • Dedicated GPS Port
  • Unique MAC address assigned by the Institute of Elec-trical and Electronic  Engineers (IEEE)
  • EIA-232 port for uploading/downloading applications software and OS updating
  • Single and multi-mode fiber optic options
  • 1200 bps Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) modem (optional)

Controller Housing

m60 - controller housing

  • 7 expansion slots with card guides for standard size Versa Modules and 2 slots with card guides for standard Joint NEMA/AASHTO.ITE ATC  modems (optional)
  • Polycarbonate construction (excluding back panel), rear mounting tabs and aluminum power supply mounting plate for electrical grounding
  • Carrying handle

All of Siemens controllers and accessories are built with the highest standards in quality and manufacturing. With a long standing history of technological innovations, well renowned customer service, and high quality products and services, Siemens is the leader in traffic technology products and solutions. For more

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