Tomar 2090-ST & 2091 ST

Self-testing Optical Preemption Detectors

Pelco AstroBracThe Tomar 209x-ST Optical Preemption Detectors sense the optical pulses emitted by properly equipped emergency or transit vehicles. Mounted to observe the approaches of an intersection, 209x-ST detectors are used with the Tomar model 3140 Optical Signal Processors to inform the traffic control system of the presence of designated vehicles.

Building on the excellence of Tomar’s 209x-SD detectors, the 209x-ST detectors incorporate a self-test feature for true closed loop detector and wiring welfare monitoring. Each 209x-ST detector includes a small infrared LED which periodically injects a special test signal into the detectors photo sensor. The 3140 OSP receives the special test signal and therefore knows that the detector is fully functional. Should a detector fail self-test a front panel indication and an entry in the 3140’s logs indicate the problem.

Using 209x-ST detectors and Strobecom II throughout your traffic control system reduces emergency response time, allows    emergency    vehicles  to travel  with  greater  safety, and improves transit vehicles timeliness.


  • Closed loop self-test for detector welfare, monitoring and reporting
  • Military derived sensor technology for enhanced rejection of direct sunlight and detection performance unmatched by any other system
  • Fully encapsulated electronics for complete resistance to water, heat and vibration
  • Complete protection from damage due to miswiring or electrical transients
  • Wide field of view for uncompromised detection even when used in untethered span wire applications
  • Simple advanced detector installation without any special cabling for enhanced detection around corners and over hills

Download the full data sheet of Tomar 2090-ST & 2091 ST