Polara BullDog III Series Vandal Resistant ADA Push Button

Bulldog III VandalThis button is a highly vandal resistant button with essentially no moving parts. It is pressure activated, but can withstand an impact from a baseball bat or hammer. When the switch activates, you hear a beep and the LED either flashes (Momentary Mode) or lights and stays on until the walk cycle (Latching Mode).

Body Material:  Aluminum, Powder Coated

Button Material:

  • Standard: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Arrow Button: Anodized 6061 Aluminum, Nickel Plated
  • Black Powder Coat on area surrounding arrow

Piezo Driven Solid State Switch:

  • Operating Force: 3.0 lbs. Maximum
  • Operating Temperature: -30°F to 165°F (-34°C to 74°C)
  • Operating  Voltage: 12-36 VDC, 9-25 VAC RMA (18 VDC Typ.)
  • MTBF: 8,800,000 hours Typ.
  • Switch Operating Life: Greater than 300 million operations.
  • “Off” Current: 15µA Typ.
  • “On” Resistance: 40Ω Typ. (Momentary)
  • Maximum “On” Current: 30 mA (over-current protection) Typ.
  • Maximum “On” Time: 11 sec. Typ.
  • Debouce Time:  85 ms. Typ.

LED Operating Modes:

  • Momentary: Approx 0.025 sec. LED flash each time button is pressed.
  • Latching: LED activates only during non-walk phases and stays on until the beginning of the walk phase.

LED Specifications:

  • Luminous   Intensity: 0.3 Lux @ 1 meter Minimum (Red)
  • Viewing  Angle: 155° Typical


  • Volume: 68dB @ 1 meter Typ.
  • Beep on Press: 2.6kHz
  • Beep on Release: 2.3kHz
  • Beep Length: 50ms Typ.

Terminal screws include washers (clamping plates) intended for bare wire. Crimp

Terminals are not recommended.


5 Years, free from manufacturers defects

Download the full data sheet of BDL3 - BullDog III Series Vandal Resistant ADA Push Button