Polara EZ Communicator With Central Control Unit

The CCU2EN is to be installed inside the Trafic Cabinet and is powered by the AC supply mains (115 VAC). The CCU2EN is the power supply and signaling interface between the existing intersection Traffic Control Unit and Navigator Push Button Stations (PBS) which are located in the field. One CCU2EN can control up to 16 EN2 Push Button Stations, 4 maximum per channel. The CCU2EN controls up to four Pedestrian Channels, receiving its timing from the Walk and Don’t Walk signals. Additional advanced configurations can be obtained by utilizing its general purpose inputs. All inputs and outputs have full optical isolation and include transient voltage protection.

The CCU2EN has two built-in conflict monitoring systems. The CCU2EN monitors the PBS and Ped-Head lights and powers off the channel upon a conflict. Each processor monitors each other and resets the CCU2EN upon loss of internal communication.

The CCU2EN is backward compatible with older 2-Wire Navigator N2 PBSs (v1.12 or newer). There is an option switch on the back of the CCU2EN which specifies N2 or en2. If all PBSs are EN2 PBSs, the EN2 position is used. If any of the PBSs are older 2-Wire N2 PBSs then the N2 postion must be used.

The ethernet port adds a connection to an on-board web server which provides information on PBS status, Event Log and remote Configuration of EN2 PBS options.

Ped Walk / Don’t Walk Inputs:

  • Optically isolated 80 – 150 Volts AC/DC, 5mA max.

Ped Outputs:

  • Optically Isolated 36 Volts AC/DC peak 300mA Solid State Fused Contact Closure

Fault Output:

  • Normally Open Relay Contacts 125 Volts AC/DC, 1A max.

A, B, C, D PBS Power Output:

  • Nominal 18-22 Volts DC, Short Circuit Protected – Auto Recovering

General Purpose Inputs:

  • 10 – 36 Volts AC/DC peak, 10mA max, Optically Isolated


  • Operating: -34ºC (-30ºF) to +74ºC (+165ºF)
  • Storage: -45ºC (-50ºF) to +85ºC (+184ºF)

Download the full data sheet of Polara EZ Communicator With Central Control Unit