Siemens SEPAC Local Controller Software

Siemens SEPAC Local Controller SoftwareGiving high priority to public transportation without interrupting the general traffic flow has been a major challenge for conventional traffic control software in the past. Siemens’ SEPAC® local controller software is focused on enhancing performance of traffic signal control for  customers who use Light Rail Transit, Bus Rapid Transit and regular Traffic Signal Priority functionality. Its features improve the use of low and full priority, with minimal impact on pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

SEPAC is unparalleled traffic signal priority software that enables mobility, safety and a better environment in order to improve the quality of life in cities. The software is designed    for Siemens “M” series and CalTrans 2070 style controllers.

Incorporating more than 25 years of actual “on-street” traffic control experience, SEPAC is user-friendly and accommodates     a large variety of traffic control requirements through its diverse  configuration  capabilities.

Programming advantages

  • User-friendly, 8 line menu driven software
  • Each parameter viewable with a menu and the cursor movable to that parameter for changes
  • Easy verification with related parameters visible simultaneously
  • On-screen programming area identification and editing prompts
  • Standard traffic nomenclature used throughout the programming
  • Keystrokes identical on any hardware platform
  • Logically laid out programming for easy setup and startup

Modes of operation

SEPAC’s traffic capabilities include five modes of operation that allow for Time of Day (TOD) operations, week plans, time of year or holiday plans, which include: coordination, free and flash functions. Modes include:

  • Standalone – All functionality is operational as a standalone unit. Time updates available through GPS Controller can be programmed to use the GPS output for keeping its internal TOD clock accurate.
  • Master Control – In conjunction with a Marc Master Controller, SEPAC will work within a closed loop system.**
  • System Control – SEPAC has the ability to communicate to TACTICS® and operate under system control.
  • Manual – SEPAC can be controlled manually to run specific coordination routines when set to manual, including free operation.
  • Adaptive Control – SEPAC can accept commands from SCOOT® and ACS Lite for adaptive control, if available.

Download full data sheet for Siemens SEPAC Local Controller Software