Siemens TACTICS 3 Transportation Management System

Siemens TACTICS 3 Transportation Management SystemWith TACTICS 3, we’ve made a powerful, scalable traffic management system even easier to use. The first thing we did was improve the first thing you see – the user interface – so it’s:

  • Easier to monitor your system with an improved overview on the landing page
  • Easier to see key information gathered in one place on the display
  • Easier to get where you need  to
  • Easier to find what you have  to
  • Easier to filter information to work with

A new and better face for our user interface

The TACTICS 3 interface’s enhanced status features quickly and easily provide a detailed overview of your traffic signal system, so you know exactly what the system is doing at any given  point in time. Status features available include:

  • Dashboard to show a summary of system  status
  • Hide/show/reorder each field in the status  list
  • Powerful search features to find devices  easily
  • Sort and filter lists
  • Standard filters to locate problem intersections  fast
  • Quick navigation from list to  map

While you work to improve traffic flow, TACTICS 3 improves the way you work with helpful features such as Quick Response,  an integrated detailed Status Display, Split Monitor tools, full support for a range of controller software – including SEPAC, EPIC, SEMARC, Tempo Ramp Meter, and NTCIP controllers – dynamic message signs, closed-loop, and multilingual support.

4 scalable levels of solution

The TACTICS solution is a flexible, scalable solution with a series of four separate option packages that tailor to the needs of your traffic system as well as the needs of your region. As your system grows, your solution can grow – with each package scalable to the next level.
Designed for use on notebooks, it’s ideal for consultants and engineers. Using TACTICS View you can manage intersection timing data and controller database editing, with upload/ download capabilities for a single controller at a time. Data is transferrable to or from a larger TACTICS    system.
A closed-loop for field masters using SEMARC controller software that connects masters on the street for uploads/ downloads,  simple  analysis,  and  map displays.
This option offers the powerful features of a TACTICS Enterprise system in a down-sized package for smaller cities or areas with       a  limited  number  of  intersections.  You  receive  the  advantages of more robust feature sets previously available only in larger central systems. As your needs grow, TACTICS Central can scale     up in a seamless transition to the full Enterprise system.
TACTICS Enterprise
The Enterprise solution offers the full signal control and traffic management functionality of the other three TACTICS systems, plus advanced traffic management features – such as Quick Response – and expanded support, with standard and optional feature sets available.
TACTICS smartGuard
TACTICS  smartGuard  is  a  web-based  traffic  management solution that provides access to functionality from any internet- connected  browser.

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