Carmanah R920 Series

Pedestrian-actuated warning system for uncontrolled marked crosswalks

RRFBs have been found to provide vehicle yielding rates between 72 and 96 percent for crosswalk applications, including 4 lane roadways with average daily traffic (ADT) exceeding 12,000*.

Superior Design and Technology

Carmanah R920 Series
The R920 utilizes a self-contained solar engine integrating the energy management system with an on-board user interface, housed in a compact enclosure together with the batteries and solar panel. In low light conditions, the ambient auto-adjust option provides over- lighting protection and system efficiency.

Easy Installation

With its highly efficient and compact design, installation is quick and uncomplicated, dramatically reducing installation costs.  Retro- fitting can be done where existing sign bases are used to enhance existing marked crosswalks in minutes, and new installations can be completed without the cost of larger poles and bases.

Advanced User-Interface

The R920 is the first RRFB with an on-board user interface and display for quick configuration and status monitoring. It allows for simple in-the-field set-up adjustment to flash duration, ambient settings, and night intensity. Settings are broadcasted automatically to all units in the system.


Designed with Carmanah’s industry leading solar modeling tools to provide dependable year-after-year operation.


With thousands of installations in the field, Carmanah solar beacons and solar LED lights have become the benchmark in traffic applications and other transportation applications worldwide.

The R920 is the new benchmark for Rectan- gular Rapid Flashing Beacons  (RRFBs):

  • Ultra-efficient optical and energy Management systems (eMs)
  • Compact design to simplify installation
  • Proven technology platform
  • Exceeds FHWA standards

Download the full data sheet of Carmanah R920 Series