Salient Complete View

  • Comprehensive and Flexible
  • Network Friendly
  • Suppports IP and Analog Cameras
  • Open Architecture
  • Easy to Install – Easy to Learn – Easy to Use
  • Fully Scalable – One Server to Multi-Site

Salient Complete ViewCompleteView Video Management Software contains everything you need to enable and optimize your security system. CompleteView stands apart from traditional Video Management Systems by adding a suite of features to reduce bandwidth impact on the IP network and facilitate system administration.

CompleteView comes in three editions: ONE, Pro and Enterprise. CompleteView ONE has the full power of Pro and Enterprise editions but is designed for up to 25 cameras on a single server, at an attractive price. CompleteView Pro is a fully expandable Video Management Software platform providing support for unlim- ited cameras, users and servers. CompleteView Enterprise provides the full feature set and additional com- ponents such as Active Directory support.

CompleteView protects your investment. As your needs change and grow, the software can scale from ONE to Pro or Pro to Enterprise without losing your original investment. With support for analog and IP cameras, fixed or PTZ and a number of access control platforms, CompleteView is just that: Complete.

Download the full data sheet of Salient Complete View