Iteris Vantage Vector

Iteris Vantage VectorVantage Vector® is an all-in-one vehicle detection sensor with a wide range of capabilities: stop bar detection, advanced-zone detection, and sensing that enables advanced safety and adaptive control applications.

It includes all the proven benefits of Iteris video detection: high accuracy, high availability, the video image for remote viewing, no trenching or pavement cutting for installation, and bicycle detection capability.

Enhanced dilemma-zone precision

Vantage Vector offers high precision for dilemma zone detection by integrating the video field-of-view with radar sensing. Enhanced information includes the number of vehicles, speed, and distance in user configurable zones, that can be used for special applications.

Extended range for higher speed approaches

The extended range of the advanced zone includes enhanced count, speed, and occupancy (CSO) measurements where data from advanced detection zones is desired.

Download the full data sheet of Iteris Vantage Vector