Iteris VersiCam

Iteris VersiCamVersiCam™ is an intefrated machine vision processor and camera solution, designed for small and semi-actuated intersections. VersiCam offers the same high performance as our Vantage® video detection products in a low-cost package.

VersiCam is a versatile, high resolution video traffic camera specially optimized for machine vision processor technology. The camera offers remote zoom and focus functions to simplify setup and includes a high sensitivity color imager (CCD) to ensure accurate vehicle detection in all lighting conditions.

The VersiCam solution includes the Interface Communication Controller (ICC) that resides in the roadside cabinet. All user interface functions are performed through the ICC such as virtual zone placement, detector output assignment, and video monitoring.

Affordable and accurate

VersiCam compliments the existing Vantage range of Edge®2 video detection products by providing entry-level video detection and output presence detection at cost-efficient price. Your investment is future-proofed by VersiCam’s flexible design that can support simple firmware upgrades.

Download the full data sheet of Iteris VersiCam